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Tree pruning is vital to the health of your tree, regardless of its size or type.

At Badger Tree Service, we understand the importance of proper pruning, beyond the aesthetics. For example, the removal of dead branches is crucial, as not only do they pose a hazard, they also hinder growth of healthy branches, and can leave open entry points for insects and disease.

Additional services are as follows:

Tree Removal
Done safely by qualified and insured workers.

Improves the tree’s appearance while promoting new and healthy growth. Thinning also decreases the amount of excess weight, and allows more wind to pass through the tree. This can help prevent strong winds from creating dangerous hazards and help to minimize storm damage.

Limbing and Raising
Provides clearance for walkways and buildings, lends a more manicured look to landscape, and helps to allow sunlight in the yard which can improve surrounding lawn and plant health.

Topiary and Bonsai Pruning
Often found in English or Asian inspired gardens, these styles lend a manicured, formal look to trees and shrubs.

Fruit Tree Pruning
Scheduled annually, this improves new growth and fruit production and helps keep precious fruit within reach.

Ornamental Pruning
Maintains the unique beauty and natural shape of your prized ornamental trees.

Shrubs & Hedges
Annual maintenance can help preserve shape and density, encourage flowering, and help to provide optimum privacy.

Stump Grinding

Storm Damage & Disaster Cleanup

Emergency Service

Cabling & Bracing

If you believe your landscape could use a professional arborist’s touch, contact Badger Tree Service.